* Any customer willing to sell E-currency must have an iGN account (Verified or Non-verified, you do not need to verify it before selling to us).  CLICK HERE to open a new iGN account if you don't have one already or LOGIN HERE here with your username and password if you already registered.

* From your iGN account, Click on SELL E-CURRENCY

* Input the desired amount of E-currency you want to sell in US Dollar and select the type of E-currency.

* Click on PROCEED to generate the invoice.

* make sure you read from the beginning of the invoice page to the end. Take note of your bank account information showing on the invoice page and make sure that it is correct before you proceed.

* Click on PROCEED to start the withdrawal process on the E-currency Shopping Cart Interface or click on CANCEL to annul the particular withdrawal transaction.

* If the withdrawal is completed successfully, A successful confirmation message, Batch number of the transaction and other transaction information are shown on the E-currency Shopping Cart Interface.

 Click on RETURN TO MERCHANT or any other message that may show-up confirming the success of the the just concluded withdrawal.

You will automatically receive a confirmation message in your e-mail about the just concluded transaction and the status of the transaction will be shown as COMPLETED.

* TAKE NOTICE: No need of writing us after the withdrawal. We will surely credit your bank account within 24 working hours. But in the case your order is not fulfilled after 24hrs. Chat with us using the live chat popup or leave an offline message.