Commission Program

We understand the larger percentage of our customers get to know about us by words of mouth through other satisfied customers who are either friends, family or associates and most times through fora, blogs and other social media, this, they do for free. In order to appreciate and reward their trust, we have come up with a system to reward them in cash through our newly launched referral program.

How does it works ?

A unique referral link has been created for every registered customer (verified and UN-verified) which can be shared via email, Facebook, blog or embedded in a website etc. Anyone who clicks on this link and register on our website becomes your referral and you will receive commission up to 20% of our earnings (0.4% of their total transactions, 0.25% funding and 0.15% withdrawal).    

Commission can be withdrawn directly into your bank account or you can use the same to purchase any e-currency of your choice. 

How do I start ?

Achieving this is as simple as ABC. Please follow the steps described below:

1. Login to your iGN account or Sign Up if you don't have an account already.

2. From your account dashboard area, click on Referral Program program to see your Affiliate Account details.

3.  Your Affiliate account page above contains your referral commission details including the referral link which you can share to earn commission, the HTML code which can be embedded on your website if you have a website, a promotional banner which you can use on your website and blogs to promote iGN and earn. Also, on the same page is your earning balance and the number of referrals you have brought to us.


Referring oneself is a fraud! You cannot refer yourself in anyway (either in disguise or open). We have put security mechanisms to check this type of fraud. Any account detected to have perpetuated this type of fraud will have all commission earned frozen at the point of withdrawal and account closed by the admin. 


Need further assistance  ?

You can call or chat with us during the working hours or Leave a message.



1 BTC = $68,011.32